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Dups Funeral Home has been dedicated to serving bereaved families since 1950. Our purpose is to provide dignified and professional funeral services in Swaziland as meaningful and unique as the families we care for.

Over the years, Dups has developed to cater to the needs of the Swazi people. We provide funeral homes and mortuary facilities in a various locations around the country. We are committed to exceptional service delivery standards and Dups Funeral Homes provides a wide variety of these services and products to suit every customer’s needs.

In our continued efforts to enhance all facets of our business, we embrace a culture that puts you and your family first, enabling us to serve with the understanding and compassion that we would expect from others. Every family that comes to Dups should expect to be treated with the concern, dignity and the respect they deserve.

At Dups, we understand that life is different for everyone. People have different customs, faiths and occupations. But each person’s life is special. For that reason we are committed to providing the best services. Contact us for a full list of our branches or give us a call and one of our friendly consultants will assist you.

This is our funeral process:


    A. A body is collected by Dups from where ever

    B. A body is brought in by Police

    C. A body is brought in to Dups by family

    D. A body is brought in by relatives


    A. The body is registered at Dups reception by the next of keen, Police or a family member

    B. An account is created for the deceased and an identification hand band is given to him which has his name and account number

    C. The body gets registered at the mortuary in a mortuary register book

    D. The body is allocated a shelf in the cold room & that shelf gets recorded on the mortuary register book


    A. The next of keen or family member will come to identify the body

    B. The body is taken out of the cold room to the viewing room

    C. After the viewing, the body is returned to the cold room


    A. The next of kin come to request for the release of the body by paying Dups all the expenses

    B. The deceased is prepared and dressed

    C. Next of keen or family members view the body before the coffin or casket is closed of

    D. The release of the body is recorded at the reception, on the release book and on the mortuary register book & the next of keen or family member signs for the release of the body

    E. Body is loaded into Dups hearse or family car for burial


    A. The next of keen or family member will come and request for the cremation of the deceased

    B. Cremation forms are given to the next of keen or family member to complete

    C. A date and time for the Cremation is set with the next of keen or family member

    D. Release process takes place on the set date, with the next of keen and family members present

    E. A short prayer service is done by the family members and relatives at Dups Chapel

    F. Cremation takes place after the prayer service

    G. The ashes of the remains are collected put into a labelled bag and put into a labelled ash Urn

    H. A cremation certificate of the deceased is produced by Dups

    I. The deceased ashes is recordedon the cremation register book

    J. The next of keen or the family member collects the ashes and signs for it.


    A. When a body is not claimed and has been in the mortuary for a period of more than three (3) months becomes a Pauper

    B. An advert is made with the print media for the relatives to come & identify their relatives

    C. After the advert, Dups wait for three (3) months for the relatives to show up

    D. Application for the burial of the paupers is made to the relevant Government Ministries &to the City Council of Manzini

    E. Dups wait for the approval from the responsible Ministries & City Council of Manzini

    F. A quotation of the whole burial process and the cremation process is send to the relevant offices

    G. Payment is done by the relevant offices

    H. A body release process is followed by Dups Funeral Home

    I. The burial or Cremation process takes place