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On the day of 7th April 2019 Our staff members here at Dups Holdings were graced with the opportunity to experience the landscape and the view of Mahamba Gorge, our people, our champions got to hike the iconic Mahamba mountain down to Mahamba Gorge, and that experience was awesome.

This initiative is said to have entered its 5th  year this year having 5000 people who have attended thus far. This event aspires to help the people of Shiselweni region by answering to social ills that some of the people are undergoing, furthermore, it advocates for wellness and healthy living, and gives the participants a platform to network and showcase their products and services. Basically, it is not only showing our products to customers it is also interacting with them in such an encounter, that alone has been very exciting.

It is very inspiring to connect with our customers at such an occasion where you engage with them in person, you tend to hear what they want. This time around as a business we decided to show case our Herbal products which are being sold under Dups Herbal Shop, one would ask themselves as to why go with Dups Herbal, and the reason is that we decided to align ourselves to the event as it talks to health.

Lastly, as Dups Holdings we walk the talk, well if you read through our mission you will understand that we support social advancement opportunities, and which is evident by participating in Mahamba Gorge Hiking. This event goes down as one of the memorable events to have been attended by our staff members this year. With all that being said, one will have an appreciation that here at Dups Holdings we play, and we work. We are grateful to the stakeholders who had ensured that this initiative. What an experience, what an encounter!

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