Dups Direct Insurance offers a Funeral Insurance product called The Dignified Family Plan, which gives people a chance to pre-plan for sad times when they need finance the most. Joining The Dignified Family Plan is the first big step towards easing the burden on those close to you.

This product bridges the income gap upon the death of the policy holder, who may have also been the household breadwinner. It also serves to provide interim financial sustenance between the time of death of the policy holder and the winding up of his/her estate.

Preimiums for the product are as follows

Level of Cover Premium
Under 85 Years
E6,000.00 E12.50
E12,000.00 E25.00
E18,000.00 E37.50
E24,000.00 E50.00
E30,000.00 E62.50


  1. The main policy holder (Member) only.

There is a 12 month waiting period for the product. This means the product will not cover death that is due to natural causes if it occurs within the first 12 months from inception.

Death that is due to an accident is covered immediately after payment of the first premium.

Claims take 2 hours to process

Should Dups Direct Insurance not receive any payments for a period of 12 (twelve) consecutive months, the relevant policy will be cancelled. However, if premiums are not received for a shorter period, there shall be a waiting period of 3 (three) months following the settlement of all arrear premiums.

  • The processing of a claim takes 2 hours after receipt of all the necessary documentation.
  • We require the following documentation to do a claim:
    • A copy of an identity document for the claimant,
    • A copy of an identity document for the deceased,
    • A copy of a death certificate,
    • A letter confirming the presence of body from the undertaker where the body remains of the deceased were kept.
  • All copies of original documents must be certified.