DUPS DIRECT INSURANCE was born out of a need to assist you, our valued clientele with some of the difficulties you face in the event that you or a loved one dies. We're a licensed and experienced funeral insurance provider and from as little as E7 per month, you and your family can be covered immediately on one of our products.

Joining any of our plans is an easy process and you have a number of ways in which to do so including the option of signing up right here and right now.

Choose from our list of registered and tailor-made Insurance products, each designed to assist you in the event of a death in the family. From Cash Payouts to funeral insurance to tombstone assistance, one of the products below will suit your needs.

Click on the below products for a full breakdown of benefits, premiums and terms and conditions of each of our policies.

Dups Direct Insurance Limited represents the culmination of growth and experience drawn from administering funeral insurance under the auspices of Dups Insurance Brokers. This is a new company registered with the office of the Financial Services Regulator Authority to take over and upgrade operations of the DIB to be the ultimate fully fledged insurer. Dups Direct Insurance offers Funeral Insurance Scheme called The Dignified Family Plan, which gives people a chance to pre-plan for sad times when they need finance the most. Joining The Dignified Family Plan is the first big step towards easing the burden on those close to you.

Dups Direct Insurance already has some partnerships with a number of local and regional organizations. These partnerships have helped us to grow our brand and prove to our competitors that we are a force that is hard to reckon with. The Synergy that exists between Dups Direct Insurance and Dups Funeral Home & Undertakers ensures that we are always ahead of the game and offers our clients a one stop shop and good value for their money.