Answering all your questions!

In our everyday interaction with clients and Swazis at large, we have come to realize that there are so many questions that people have that remain unanswered. At Dups Direct Insurance as we continuously promise, we are committed to offering an excellent and a transparent service to our fellow Swazis. Hence, today we will be answering thefollowing questions that you might have, aboutour funeral insurance products, but have never really asked:

  1. At Claim stage, how do I get the pay-out?- CASH and you have the option to use the services of our Funeral Home with the cash received.
  2. Can I be covered more than once as a principal member with Dups?–YES,as long as pay-out does not exceed E50 000.
  3. Will all my policies pay out as per policy agreement i.e. no adjustments?– YES, policies are paid out 100% as per level of cover at that point in time. Terms and Conditions apply
  4. If one cancels or transfers to another insurer, is he compensated? - Funeral policies do not have a surrender value and therefore no compensation when a policy is cancelled.
  5. Why does the company not give cash or reduce the premium for those clients who have not claimed for about 10 -15 years? - The product is not currently priced with a cash-back or premium skip option.
  6. If someone commits suicide are they covered? - Suicide claims are honoured for policies that have completed 12 months and whose premiums are up to date.
  7. Can one include her/his dependent sisters or brothers and children? - Yes, provided they are included underextended family and premiums are paid separately for these members. Maximum is four only.
  8. How long does a claim take to be processed? - Turnaround time is 2hours from receipt of all required document, and we are striving to improve.
  9. What happens when I upgrade to a higher policy after completing my waiting period? - You will need to comply with the rules of the new policy. This will include the waiting period of the new policy. During the waiting period the initial cover is applicable.
  10. Can I include my parents/ grandparents in my Policy? - YES, provided they are below 85 years of age when they are added. The maximum cover is E10,000.00
  11. Is there a limit on the number of Spouses I can include (polygamy)? - Family plan policies provide free cover for one wife. Additional wives can be covered at an added cost.
  12.  Can I change my beneficiary at any time? - YES, provided you notify DUPS of this change.
  13. How many people does your policy cover? - Family plan covers up to 8 people. Additional children, spouses , parents and parents in law (up to 4) can be covered at an added premium.
  14. Can I add my late siblings' children under my policy?-YES, but they have to be legally adopted.
  15. Can I include my step children in my policy?–YES
  16. Can I cancel any person in my policy at any time especially the spouse?– Only if you have a divorce decree to prove that the relationship no longer exists.
  17. What happens when the policy holder dies and he/ she is married - The spouse has a continuity option.
  18. How long is the Waiting Period? - 12 Months for individual Policies and 6 Months for Group Policies.

The loss of a loved one is never easy. During this time a family has to deal with trauma, grief and helplessness of bereavement, as well as the issue of funeral arrangements. The financial implications are often the last thing we want to face. But thinking ahead can help you make informed, objective andreasoned decisions about funeral arrangements. If you require Funeral Insurance via a trusted, reliable and professional insurance service provider, please call Dups Direct Insurance officeson 2505 2028 and get more information.

That is all we had for this week until next week, lets continue to talk about all your insurance matters; send me an email onThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or you can also get in touch with us on facebook or twitter@dups.