Dups Herbal is a specialist provider of traditional herbs and pharmaceutical products. Our products have helped thousands of people with wide ranging ailments and sicknesses including the following:

•    Impotence & weak erections in men
•    Stroke (Ischemic stroke treatment)
•    Arthritis
•    Ulcers
•    Piles(haemorrhoids)
•    Sexually Transmitted diseases(STD's) like drop, genital warts, inner & outer rash etc
•    Back Pain

Dups Herbal also helps with Remedies to boost the immune system for those living with HIV & AIDS, a pendemic that we continue to fight across the Swaziland.

We also stock a range of products to enhance the libido and sex drive for both men and women.

Do you want Daddy to stay put "at home"? Come and see us for one of these Lucky Oils: love drops, sex musk oil, jamila and butterfly. Contact us today for these tried and trusted treatments. 

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2.    Simunye
3.    Nhlangano
4.    Mbabane