Dups Financial Solutions (Pty) Ltd is a company that was created to assist low income earning groups with short term loans. It is also gearing up to offer general purpose short term financial products to civil servants, parastatals and even to the public. 

Dups Financial Solutions offers loans between E1 000.00 - E5 000.00.

The short terms loans are also offered to employees who have worked continuously for over twelve months with the same employer. No employee will be allowed to take more than one loan at a time. For every loan, the employer must confirm that the employee is still eligible. If an employee wants to take another loan, the current loan must be paid up by at least 50%. The repayment period for loans is six months. 

•    Certified copy of a valid Swaziland Identity document.
•    Current payslip.
•    Employment confirmation letter.
•    Current bank statement for three months. 

For the loan funds to be transferred it should take 2 days after the submission of all the required documentation.

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*Dups Financial Solutions (Pty) Ltd started operating on 1 April 2012.*

*Granting of a loan is fully depends on the discretion of Dups Financial Solutions directors.*