DUPS DIRECT INSURANCE was born out of a need to assist you, our valued clientele with some of the difficulties you face when burying your loved one. We're a licensed and experienced funeral insurance provider and from as little as E7 per month, you and your family can be covered immediately on our Dignified Funeral Plan. 

Joining the Dignified Funeral Plan is a very easy process for you and you have a number of ways in which to do so including the option of signing up right here and right now. Click on the 'JOIN NOW' button below; choose your plan and make a payment via your cheque or credit card. Alternatively, you have the following options: 

  • Stop order with Swaziland Building Society.
  • Debit order from all commercial banks in Swaziland. 
  • Cash deposits are one of branches located countrywide. 
  • Salary deduction for civil servants, and employers where such an arrangement exists
  • EFT (proof of payment must be submitted)


Item Description

Dignified Family Funeral Plan

Benefit Options

E3 000

E5 000

E10 000

E20 000

E50 000

Monthly Premium (Individual)






Monthly Premium (Family)







  1. Individual – Policy holder only, child and parent or parent in law can be added at a premium
  2. Family – up to 8 people which is you, your spouse and six children (includes: own, legally adopted and stepchildren below 22 years of age or up to 26 years if full-time students at nationally recognised institutions. There is no age limit if child is mentally or physically disabled and fully dependant on the policyholder, doctor’s confirmation is required). Additional spouses and additional children can be added at a premiums. Parents and parents in law can also be added
  3. Senior citizens – policy holders between ages 65-85 years

  • You decide on cover level based on your income.
  • Pay-out of claims in 2 hours!!
  • Accidental benefit – we will pay a double pay-out for death that was the result of an accident (excluding suicide) e.g. car accident, proof is required
  • Easy payment method choice – cash, bank deposit, debit order, salary deduction or stop order
  • FREE transport for collection anywhere in Swaziland (all policy holders and dependants over the age of 14 years), FREE storage for 14 days, discount of up to E2 000.00 on coffin/casket
  • Immediate cover – when an accidental death occurs, immediate cover for all covered as soon as the policy is issued.
  • One stop service for all funeral needs

Certified copies of:

  • Identity Documents
  • Birth Certificate for policy holder
  • Birth certificate for dependents
  • Marriage certificate
  • Adoption certificate
  • Letter from Doctor confirming disability

Claims take 2 hours to process
     Required Documents:
Certified copies of:

  • Death Certificate
  • Confirmation from undertaker or local authority
  • Certificate proving relationship

  • Debit order with all commercial banks
  • Stop order with Swaziland Building Society
  • Cash at the branch
  • Salary deduction for civil servants, and employers where such an arrangement exists
  • EFT (proof of payment must be submitted)

Dups Direct Insurance Company is a micro-insurance company licensed by the Office of the Registrar of Insurance and Retirement Funds (RIRF) (Licence Number LT/08/2014). The company was born from the marked success of Dups Insurance Brokers (Pty) Ltd (DIB) which operated as a brokerage company since establishment in the year 2000. DDI primarily offers funeral insurance with plans of venturing to other short-term insurance products in the near future.